Tri County Fence Masters LLC was established while sitting on the front porch of a friend’s vacation home relaxing with an old friend. A dream that had been lurking in the back of my mind since I was a little girl. Raised by my Dad, I can remember countless weekends putting up fence with my younger 4 brothers. When I was born my father owned a fence company “Central Florida Fencing Inc.” that was open for 30 years until he closed it in 2009. Throughout this time I learned the ends and outs of what it took to run a fencing company. What you should and shouldn’t do; proper installation; what makes a better-quality fence, and what keeps it lasting for years to come. What customers desire varies from project to project, and no job is quite the same. The skills I learned I took with me into my teenage years where we opened an office that I ran while in high school. These skills took me into my younger adult years where I went to college and got into the insurance industry as an insurance agent. I handled accounting for several small businesses along the way, subsequently moving out of state and then back. In the back of my mind I dreamed of the day I would own and operate a quality fencing company with the best service, customer care and integrity that a compamy could provide. My entire business model is based around my customers and what they want – to have a beautiful, standing fence that will last a life time.

– Jessica