Fence Installation & Fence Repair

As one of Florida’s most trusted design/building fencing companies, Tri County Fence Masters completes more than a thousand installations each year, addressing virtually every type of need for perimeter security. From small emergency repairs to major security projects, our fencing and installation services include:

Available Fencing Material

Design / Build

With our design/build process, you will benefit from working with a team that – from concept to creating – has a single goal in mind: your complete satisfaction.

Small Repairs

In addition to outdoor security solutions and access controls, we also respond to the needs of many customers requiring emergency repair work.

Painting / Sealing

Sealing your fence with a paint color or clear seal can be a matter of extending the life of your fence for years.

Pressure Washing

Proper maintenance of your fence can extend the longevity of your quality perimeter security.

Residential Homeowners

We install all styles of fence for strength and durability to offer the most affordable way to secure your property and assets. Adding a fence to your property can be an effective way to ward off intruders, keep your family safe, and maintain a higher degree of privacy.


We provide perimeter security applications for manufacturing plants, major oil companies, chemical storage areas, power and utility plants, mining operations facilities, treatment plants and any and all small to large businesses.


High Security Institutions depend on perimeter security applications, including but not limited to: prisons, jails, hospitals, airports, bus and train terminals, landfills, and many other industrial businesses.

Associations – HOA , COA, and AOA

Homeowners Associations need to replace old, damaged and worn-out fences including improvements to:

  • Upgrade appearance
  • Increase property value
  • Improve security
  • Reduce maintenance
  • Eliminate future expense and assessments
  • Control vehicle and pedestrian access

Municipal / State

County and local agencies depend on a company to be able to give them quality perimeter security. Tri County Fence Masters provides fencing services  to city and county parks, universities, community colleges, schools, maintenance yards, police, and fire stations. We are committed to providing additional security fencing at existing schools too.


Chain-link fences – Chain-link is the best-selling fencing system in the world – and for good reason. It is perhaps the most effective yet economical fencing barrier available today. Tri County Fence Masters installs chain-link known for strength and durability that offers the most affordable way to secure your property and assets. Adding a chain-link fence to your property can be an effective way to ward off intruders, keep your family safe, and maintain a higher degree of privacy. Our chain link is available with:


Standard Mesh or Micro Mesh – Every chain-link fence is made from metal, which means that it is vulnerable to rusting. In order to guard against rust, galvanized chain link fences are covered with a layer of zinc, which is used to prevent metal from oxidizing. When you are planning to have a chain-link fence installed, you should ask which metal is used and what material it is coated with, as this will help you know how long you can expect your fence to last.

chain link fence
polymer coated chain link fence

Polymer Coated and PVC Coated

It’s important to make sure that your new chain-link fence is adequately protected from the elements. One of your options is to opt to have your fence coated with polymer, which is a powder coating, or with PVC, which is a heavy vinyl coating. While this requires more of an investment than galvanized fence, it is extremely effective against rust and can also be visually appealing. The coating comes in a variety of different colors.

Vinyl slats and windscreens for added privacy

Barbed wire and razor ribbon for added security protection

Windscreen of different color options for added privacy.

Privacy Fences

In addition to security, privacy is important to the property owner in many fencing applications. Tri County Fence Masters furnishes and installs a large variety of meet the need, including:

  •  Vinyl Inserts for Chain-link Fences – Slatted chain link fence are designed to afford the homeowner a greater privacy, since they block far more space that traditional chain-link fences. Property owners who dislike the stark appearance of a standard chain link fence may also find slatted chain-link fences to be an appealing alternative. Slats are made using high quality, weather resistant polyethylene and are available in a variety of colors.
  •  Windscreens, security screens and netting
  •  Wood, vinyl and composite fences with privacy features
chain link fence with windscreen near Jacksonville, FL
residential wood fence in Gainesville, Fl


Wood fences offer a traditional, natural, and beautiful aesthetic appeal that not other fencing material can duplicate. Wood fences have a timeless character that never goes out of style. Tri County Fence Masters can offer several redwood or cedar styles fences to complement a traditional décor.

residential wood fencing in North Florida


Board on Board – Horizontal and Vertical


3 Board

4 Board

Cross Buck


Low maintenance costs make vinyl fencing an attractive option. Because of its durability and in addition to a variety of colors and textures including smooth white finish, vinyl fences have grown in popularity in recent years. Tri County Fence Masters can provide the pricing and vinyl style options that are available to help you choose the best vinyl fence for your application. Many of these manufactures offer extended and/or lifetime warranties in the correct application.

privacy vinyl fence gate on a residence
residential aluminum fencing in Jacksonville Florida

Ornamental Metal Fences

We install ornamental metal fences that bring an extra touch of class to your property – and that also provides security. This type of fencing comes in a wide variety of styles, from contemporary to traditional. Your construction material choices, available in a number of standard colors include:

  • Galvanized or metalized steel
  • Aluminum
  • Various enamel, epoxy and powder coasted options for added corrosion resistance

Field Fence – We install a variety of types and designs of field fence depending on your situation or project

Field Fence

Livestock Fence

No Climb

Barb Wire


Smooth Wire

Livestock Panels

Poultry Netting

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