Chain Link Fence Installation & Repair

Chain link fence installation is our specialty at Tri County Fence Masters. Chain link fencing is the best-selling fence system in the world. Our chain link installation is known for its strength and durability, providing a secure perimeter to you property.

Chain Link Fence Styles

  • Galvanized
  • Polymer Coated
  • PVC Coated
  • Vinyl Slats
  • Windscreens
  • Barbed Wire and Razor Ribbon

Why Choose Chain Link Fencing?

Chain link fences are known for their strength and durability. Adding a chain link fence to your property is an effective way to ward off intruders, keep your family and yard safe, and provide privacy. Furthermore, chain link fences can be adapted to suit your specific needs be it privacy, property line separator, high security, or aesthetics.

chain link fence with windscreen near Jacksonville, FL
chain link fence

Chain Link Fences Get The Job Done

There’s a reason chain link fences are the most popular fence installation in the world. Chain link fences work well with any property type, be it a home, business, recreation field, or government agency. Take a look around and chain link fence are everywhere!

7 Benefits of Chain Link Fencing

  1. Cost Effective – When compared to other fence types that provide the same type of strength and visibility, chain link fencing is significantly a more affordable option. Chain link fences might be “cheaper” but that doesn’t mean it compromises on reliability.
  2. Security – Chain link fencing is securely coated and interlocked steel wiring. Industrial complexes, such as airports and correctional facilities, choose chain link fencing because of its near impenetrability. Additionally, chain link fencing can be made to be more than 12 ft. high!
  3. Durability – Chain link fencing can be coated with polymer, PVC, and galvanize steel coverings. Chain link fences are made to withstand conditions that other fence types would not be easily able to withstand.
  4. Style Variety – Chain link fencing is available in a wide range of designs. Most commonly used style is the silver steel color, but there are other color-coated varieties available. Furthermore, adding slats or a windscreen to a chain link fence adds style and privacy.
  5. Rust Resistant – Chain link fencing that has either been galvanized or coated with polymer/PVC is resistant to rust. Especially useful for those afternoon showers North Florida gets nearly every day!
  6. Quick Installation – There’s a reason chain link fencing is used at construction sites, business and residences; it can be installed quickly! By hiring a professional chain link fence installer, the installation is completed in a fraction of the time.
  7. Increased Home Value – Adding a professionally installed chain link fence to your property increases its value. Buyers look for properties with fences to avoid having to install one themselves, and chain link fences don’t involve the upkeep and maintenance other fence types require.

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